Author: Chef Julius
• Tuesday, May 03rd, 2016

So when you come off the type of weekend that I have had, it’s hard to slow down and adjust to real life. And then there is a little voice in your head that says, “This is YOUR real life!” Sometimes it takes a minute to take it all in because after a BIG event is done, you get a chance to take a deep breath, get 3-4 hours of sleep…and then you are back at it for your clients. I haven’t had time to do a recap with the team, so that we can make the next one better. I really need to clarify what I am referring. This is my recap and ‪#‎thankyou‬ post for the ‪#‎BahamasMeetsNOLA‬ popup restaurant experience.

When we started working on this event, I had about 120 dishes ready to go. Since I knew that was not an option, I had to get it down to 10-12 courses. Btw, that IS NOT an easy task. You need REAL support. You need a main crew that can give insight on what works with the theme and what doesn’t work. That idea may sound like a ‪#‎nobrainer‬, but it’s hard to say no to a dish that tastes really good. The next thing you need is a support crew that shows up on time to execute the vision with NO QUESTIONS asked. That’s even harder because EVERY cook has questions.

I appreciate the number of people that give me help in trying to stay on point. For those that don’t what I mean, let me explain. I CONSTANTLY CHANGE WHAT I FEEL LIKE COOKING!!! There were 6 different versions of the menu before we LOCKED it. After that, I still changed 2 courses. This is why I love my ENTIRE staff. If you need further clarity…here it is.

Once I have the theme, it is Jada’s responsibility to work on the design of the space. Btw, she doesn’t even have confirmation of the location at this point. Each of my ‪#‎core‬ chefs will have at least 2 dishes approved for the menu and they are happy. Within days most of their dishes will disappear. They adjust and focus. That’s why my team is the best. We worked through this menu with SO many changes and it wasn’t easy. I still listen to fans of the ‪#‎popup‬ and I want to make them happy. It’s A LOT to manage and streamline. We get a core menu and you start getting a preview. We give the links to purchase tickets and “away we go!”


Author: Chef Julius
• Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

We are very excited to announce our Fall Culinary Tours to Cuba in partnership with Just 90 Miles. We have such an appreciation for the beauty and culture of Cuba and it is a great honor to be able to guide a group of food aficionados through a grand culinary experience!

We know the recently changes in US/Cuban relations has sparked much interest in Americans traveling to Cuba, and this is your opportunity to experience it’s wonder. Just 90 Miles covers all of the legal documentation and on the ground arrangement, making this an easy, stress free experience.

We will visit organic farms, produce markets, local supermarkets,  private restaurants. Included are cooking, mixology classes and salsa dancing classes. And of course we will see Cuba’s iconic sights, visit art studios, cigar and rum factories and experience classic American cars.

The dates are as follows:

Tour #1: Thursday, October 13th – Wednesday, October 19th

Tour #2: Thursday, November 17th – Wednesday, November 23rd

The cost for the tour is $4,295 per person. Rates are per person based on double occupancy. Singles accommodations available.

To review the full itinerary and registration details visit


Author: Chef Julius
• Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

We are heading back to FOX Chicago to showcase fun ways to cook with ingredients from local farmers markets and items hitting the supermarket produce section for spring. Here’s the recipe we will demo live in the Noon hour. Enjoy!

Chef Julius’ Tiny Pasta with Spring vegetables

8oz dried pasta (fideo)
1 oz baby fennel
1 shallot (diced)
2 ramps (pureed or chopped) more…

Author: Chef Julius
• Monday, March 21st, 2016

Happy Spring Everyone! I know…I know, it’s been so long since we have sat down and had a meal together. I miss you too.

This next “popup” will have a serious connection to tropical cooking. That means you can expect FRESH, FRESH, FRESH! That’s everything from the fish, the seasonal vegetables (YES THIS MEANS RAMPS WILL BE INCLUDED), herbs, edible flowers, sausage, oils, butters, etc. BTW, we have a take on “surf and turf” that many restaurants will be trying to copy for the rest of 2016 and 2017. I know that was a lot but I am really excited.

We have a special guest joining us next month. We hope you will join us in welcoming the Honorable Michael C. Fountain, Honorary Consul to The Bahamas in Chicago. Conversations with Consul Fountain inspired our recent trip to The Bahamas, which in turn inspired the theme and menu of the upcoming pop up.

Also, we love exploring new spaces, so for this event we searched until we found an amazing venue that we know you will love. Ampersand is located at 419 W. Superior, inside the Kinmont Restaurant.


Author: Chef Julius
• Thursday, March 10th, 2016

The Pop-Up is Back! And we are ready (and excited) to present an Island food experience that has beauty of New American cuisine blended with the fun of New Orleans… We will roll out location and menu details over the next couple weeks, just know that the VIP experience is going to been NEXT-LEVEL!!!

New Date: Saturday, April 30, 2016 (See details above)

Location: Downtown Chicago

[Purchase tickets in the "Caribbean Meets The French Quarter" post above]

Author: Chef Julius
• Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Tuna Ceviche

We are heading to FOX Chicago this afternoon to share ways to Create Your Own Spring Break: Easy Tropical Dishes for the Spring. We believe you can always travel someplace warm with the help of a few kitchen ingredients and creativity. We are also announcing the date of the next Pop-Up!

The dishes we are presenting today were inspired by my recent culinary expedition in The Bahamas, where I had amazing versions ceviche and island seafood dishes. Here’s the recipe we’re preparing live on air.

Chef Julius’ Quick Tropical Shrimp

1lb shrimp (peeled & deveined)

2Tb orange zest

1Tb grapefruit zest

1tsp ground coriander

1tsp granulated garlic

2TB Deleyda Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1tsp Asian style chili sauce

¼ cup red, yellow or orange bell pepper (sliced into thin rounds)

Chef Julius’ Salt Blend

Chef Julius’ Pepper Blend


In a mixing bowl add the zest and all of the dry ingredients

Using a wooden spoon, pestle, or your hands…mix together until everything is incorporated

Add this mixture to the shrimp and then add the wet ingredients

Mix together by hand and let marinate NO LONGER than 15 minutes

After the mixture has marinated, cook using your preferred cooking method. The shrimp should cook in about 2-3 minutes per side, depending on the size

Author: Chef Julius
• Friday, January 22nd, 2016

We are so excited to present the 2016 Super Bowl menu in celebration of Super Bowl 50!  We are taking delivery orders now. Call or email us and we will help you design an exciting menu. The deadline to place orders is Friday, Feb. 5th by 5pm.


phone: 872-818-5368 | email:


Sweet & Spicy BabyBack Ribs (8-10 bone racks) $25 per slab

Slow Smoked Pulled Pork $15 per lb, makes 8-10 mini sandwiches…slaw included

Chianti Braised Beef Short Ribs $150 (serves 8)

Texas BBQ Beef (Shredded) $20 per lb, makes 8-10 mini sandwiches…mustard & pickles included

Chef Julius’ Sweet Italian Sausage & Peppers

Chef Julius’ Andouille Sausage (sliced)

with “Housemade Beer Honey Mustard”

$5 per person

Seafood & Poultry

TurDucKen Meatballs with NOLA Smoky BBQ Sauce $2 ea (a mix of ground turkey, duck and chicken…mixed with a special seasonings

Mango Jerk Chicken – per person (Wings $6) (Dark $8) (White $10)


Author: Chef Julius
• Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Happy New Year to you all!  And thank you for keeping us busy throughout the holiday season. We are settling nicely into the New Year but boy is it cold here in Chicago! When FOX Chicago booked us for today’s segment, we thought we would take to opportunity to help warm a few bellies. Here’s the recipe for our Creole Chicken Soup. Enjoy!!!

Chef Julius' Chicken Creole Soup

2 chicken leg quarters (skin removed)

1 link chicken andouille sausage (cut up)

1 sweet onion (diced)

1 sweet pepper (red, orange or yellow)

1 celery heart (diced)

1 small turnip (chopped)

1 parsnip (chopped)

2 carrots (chopped

2 red potatoes (chopped)

Chef Julius’ Salt Blend, Pepper Blend, Creole Dust

½ cup Casteggio Pinot Grigio wine

3 -4 cups Savory Choice Chicken Broth

4oz Tomato Paste

2Tb Olive Oil


Season the leg quarters with some of Chef Julius’ Pepper Blend & Creole Dust. Roast until they are fully cooked and remove the meat from the bones

Place a stockpot on medium heat and add the olive oil. Heat for 2 minutes.

Next add the diced onion, sweet pepper & celery. Season with salt & pepper and sauté for 5 minutes

Add the sausage and tomato paste. Mix in with the diced veggies

Add the root vegetables and Chef Julius Creole Dust

Mix together and then add the wine to deglaze the pan

Let the wine cook with the food for about 3-5minutes

Next add the meat from the chicken, the bones from the chicken and the Savory Choice Chicken Broth

Allow this mix to low boil until root vegetables are soft.

Taste, adjust the seasoning and serve warm. It’s even better the next day

Author: Chef Julius
• Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

It’s that time again! Holiday season is upon us and we are pleased to present our 2015 Holiday Menu. The selections are available for delivery and wine pairings are available by request.  To place your order email or give us a call at 872-818-5368. We can answer any questions regarding menu planning and helping your holiday season taste incredible!


Oven-ready Organic Turkey 10 –14lb (serves 10-12) $90 | Cajun Fried, Jerk Fried, Herb Butter Roasted or Citrus & Soy Glaze. We also have larger turkeys…please contact for pricing

Jerk Fried Capon, Hericot Vert (French Green Beans), Vanilla Kissed Sweet Potatoes, Chicken Andouille Cornbread Dressing, 4-Cheese Mac & Cheese. Plus Prosecco!

Jerk Fried Capon 8-10lb (serves 8-10) $85

Brown Sugar & Honey Glazed Ham (serves 8-10) $85

Calvados Braised Chicken (serves 10-12) $80

Chef Julius’ Game Hens $19 each

Black Truffle & Lavender or Fig & Merken Gastrique

Supreme Stuffed Chicken (serves 8-10) $110 –brioche, truffles, wild fennel, lobster mushroom, shallot, garlic, orange zest, leeks and basted with black truffle butter

Porchetta Turkey Breast (serves 6-8) $90

Whole Side Roasted Salmon (4-5lb) $75

Chianti Braised Beef Short Rib/ Osso Buco (serves 6-8) $140

Sides (All serve 8-10 guests)

Traditional Cornbread Dressing/Stuffing (sage, onion, sweet peppers) $40

Chicken Andouille Sausage & Chestnut Dressing $55

Shrimp & Crab Dressing $60

Baked Mac and Cheese

4 Cheese (Fontina, Provalone, Cheddar & Asiago) $50


Author: Chef Julius
• Friday, October 16th, 2015

We are heading to FOX News Chicago this morning to present a few Easy Weeknight Dinners for Busy Moms. We will demo our Easy Bourbon Chicken. Note, it has no alcohol and the entire family will love it!

Check out the recipe below. We will post the segment later today.

Easy Bourbon Chicken

2lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs (bite size)

2 cloves garlic (chopped)

2Tb olive oil

2Tb Creole Dust

½ tsp ginger

¼ cup each (apple cider & brown sugar)

3Tb Racconto tomato puree

½ cup water

½ cup soy sauce (pour in small amounts to taste)


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