Author: Chef Julius
• Thursday, May 03rd, 2012

Five Grills and Nine Dishes was just the beginning. Last Saturday from 10am – 2pm, our grill team had the pleasure of providing char-grilled treats for the good people of Oak Lawn, IL. Our tools – the Weber Genesis gas grill (The Star of the Show) and a stellar line up from the Weber family. The menu: Memphis Rubbed Ribs, Chicken Cubano Tacos with Mango Salsa, Handmade sausages from Westminster Hot Dogs (Southside Italian & Bacon Jalapeno), St. Lucia Cedar Smoked Salmon, Mango Jerk Chicken, Pinot Braised Beef Sandwich, Roasted Corn with Ramp Butter, and Chef Tiki’s Hot Dogs & Cajun Burger w/Bacon Relish. Because we love Chilean wine with our BBQ, we provided wine pairing suggestions for each dish from the Concha Y Toro and Cantaluna houses. Special thanks to Local Folks Foods, Nature Isle, Slather Brand Slathering Sauce, Savory Choice, Annie Chun’s, Bogaris Olive Oil, Sabor Rojo, Jewel-Osco, Epicurean Butter and Chicago Game & Gourmet.

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