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• Thursday, September 09th, 2010

Every year as we say goodbye to summer, there are certain realities that we have to accept. The days are shorter. The temperature drops. And for some of us, our emotions on Mondays are tied to what our team did Sunday. That’s right FOOTBALL is back! Not only is this one of the best times for television but it’s also the second best time of the year to cook! More of us eat together as the hint of winter draws us into the house. It’s a time for your favor chili or stews. This is when our oven gets a true workout. Root vegetables are plenty and you can braise just about anything! Whether its watching the game with friends or sitting down with the ENTIRE family…this is just a great time to cook! I plan to give you regular tips on braising and roasting. I will showcase my secrets to a great stew. You’re going to get recipes that are easy to do and information on where to buy the same seasonings that I use. Remember to check the website regularly for wine pairings and suggestions from our resident sommelier and wine expert Dawn Posey. And as we get closer to the holidays, I will give you recipes that are sure to make you the family culinary superstar! Let’s get started…

Red Monkey 5-Spice Salmon

I love tailgating! Let me repeat that…I LOVE TAILGATING!! What seems to be an issue is trying to have the same kind of fun indoors and outdoors. My suggestion is, “Let the food speak for itself”! There are two recipes with this post. One is for fish and the other is for chicken. The fish can be done inside or out on the grill. I suggest you keep the chicken as an inside job. It WILL become a family favorite! The chicken dish is not only great to sit down as a family and eat but it can be one of the best roasted chicken sandwiches or salads you will ever have. The salmon dish just confirms why salmon IS the most popular fish in the states. Both dishes work with vegetables or roasted potatoes.

Now I know that all tailgating isn’t chicken or fish. Who are we kidding; we need some MEAT at this party. Well that’s for the nest post. Remember almost all of my spices and specialty products can be accessed through links right here on my site. And when in doubt just “Ask the Chef”

Keep Cooking,

Chef Julius, your private chef

Red Monkey 5-Spice Salmon

1lb King Salmon (skin and pin bones removed)

2T Giangrandi Gourmet organic extra virgin olive oil

4tsp Red Monkey Chinese 5-Spice seasoning

1T Asian style Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce or Sweet & Sour Sauce

1tsp Tupelo Raw Honey

Cilantro (for garnish)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

On a baking sheet brush an area with half of the olive oil and sprinkle the area for the salmon with half the Red Monkey 5-spice seasoning.

Place salmon on the area that has been oiled and seasoned.

Brush the top of the salmon with the remaining oil, then Asian sauce, then the remaining Red Monkey 5-spice seasoning

Bake salmon for 12-17 min. Remove from the oven and drizzle with honey. Let rest 1-2min & garnish with cilantro.

Chef Julius’ Balsamic Roasted Chicken

Chef Julius' Balsamic Roasted Chicken

1 whole chicken (3-4lb)

½ cup dark brown sugar

¾ cup Capa Di Roma balsamic vinegar

1T Red Monkey Hickory Smoked Balsamic Seasoning (

1 navel orange (zested and quartered)

1 lemon (zested and quartered)

1 sweet onion (quartered)

2 cups of Savory Choice Chicken Broth

1T Nature Isle Tropical Gourmet Mustard (add to the chicken broth)

Pre heat oven to 425 degrees

In a mixing bowl, add brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and half of the Red Monkey seasoning. Mix together with a whisk or a spoon

Pour ½ the mixture over the chicken. And using both hands, rub it in. Be sure to cover the entire bird. This can get a bit messy.

Using your fingers, create a small pocket by separating the skin around the breast. Pour some of the mixture into it. Use the remaining mixture to cover the rest of the chicken.

Place the chicken atop a roasting rack within a roasting pan. It should be at least an inch from the base. If you don’t have a rack, use a bed of root vegetables (carrots, parsnips and celery root)

Place quartered fruit and onion into the cavity of the chicken. Sprinkle the zest and remaining Red Monkey seasoning on top and sides of the chicken.

Place in the oven for 25min. Remove and lower the oven to 350. Then add the chicken stock to the base of the pan. Bake an additional 1hr to 1hr 15min.

Remember to baste the chicken every 30min with the sauce from the bottom of the pan.

Remove the pan from the oven. Allow the chicken to rest 10-15min. You can continue to baste it with the pan sauce if you want. Slice and serve

*TIP – As you baste the chicken, if you notice the skin getting too dark for your liking, place a small piece of foil over the area. Simply remove it as you baste, then cover it when you return to continue baking.


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