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Here you will find items used in Chef Julius’ kitchen. Including Custom Blended Spices, A Tale of Two Chefs apparel & accessories, and access to Chef’s favorite, and flavor-filled products.

A Tale of Two Chefs Apron

A Tale of Two Chefs Reusable Grocery Tote


Chef Julius Apron
A Tale of Two Chefs Apron


Chef Julius' Entertainment Kit
Chef Julius’ Entertaining Kit

A selection of flavors from Chef Julius: Savory Steak, Smokey Jalapeno, and Mango Habanera! They’re sure to inspire you to mix up your routine.

3 oz each



Chef Tiki’s Coarse Ground Black Pepper Blend

Each batch is custom blended by Chef Julius aka Chef Tiki to add a flavorful, smokey depth to every dish.

4.25 oz


Chef Julius’ Gourmet Salt Blend

All natural, custom blended Sea Salt with a hint of scallion. Perfect for complementing every dish.

4.25 oz


Giangrandi Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil [Product of Chile]

Medium Fruited Blend
Finally, Foods Find their Real Soul Mate. The harmonious equilibrium created between refreshing green notes, spiciness and bitterness will have your taste buds dancing with delight.

250 ml/8.5 oz



Nature Isle Mango Pepper Sauce

Imagine the heat of peppers and the cooling effect of a succulent, ripe mango and you have Nature Isle Mango Pepper Sauce. It’s an elegant blend of mangoes and peppers.

On a heat scale of 1- 10, where 10 is very hot and 1 is mild, this sauce ranks at 5 or 6.

Great as a cocktail dip for shrimp and meat balls. Use as compliment to, or instead of ketchup on hot dogs.

12 oz



Savory Choice Chicken Stock

Exceptional liquid broth concentrate made from natural ingredients. Never before has a broth of this quality been available to consumers. You’ll savor the rich, roasted flavor, convenience and value.

Box of 12 packets



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