Landrin USA – Chocolate Truffles
Change your idea of what a chocolate truffle is supposed to look and taste like. Every one of the pearls of chocolate will instantly have you doing the dessert “happy dance”. These truffles are multi-layered and multi-textured. If you want a perfect ending to a great meal or if you want to make an average meal special…Landrin is the way to go.  My favorite is the Rich & Famous, the name says it all. (Sold at Dominicks and other Safeway Family Stores)

Straight Out The Oven Bakery
So many of us have a family member that can out bake Betty Crocker. We all should wish Chanette was in our family. Her desserts are absolutely addictive. You can taste the use of NATRUAL products, real sugar, real lemon, etc…The sweet potato pie, pound cake and cheesecake brownies are INCREDIBLE! When I need desserts for some of biggest clients, SOTO is who I trust. Contact Chanette at or 708-860-9993

Talenti Peach Champagne Sorbet

For those that know me, know that I love Champagne. Now with a company the blends Champagne with sorbet…Sign me up! Every dessert that Talenti makes is great. The sorbets are some of the best I have ever tasted. The Peach Champagne Sorbet is so refreshing. The vegetarians will love it just as much as the carnivores. I cannot say enough about this dessert. It’s Dairy free, Guilt free, and contains real Champagne. Not for sharing. (Sold at Jewel Food Stores)

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