Giangrandi Gourmet Olive Oil

I use different olive oils for different dishes that I make. With the blends ranging from “Delicate” to “Intense” are what makes this house standout. The richness of the color and clean finish is why I enjoy using it in everything from vinaigrette to finishing my steaks. It’s also my ONLY choice for roasting garlic for my garlic oil. What’s great about Giangrandi Gourmet is that their entire collection of oils are top shelf and “certified organic”. They have won so many awards based on quality and taste! It is the BEST tasting olive oil I have EVER had…PERIOD! Exclusively available at

Monini White Truffle Oil

This white truffle oil is one of the best in the business. It is so easy to elevate a pasta dish to 5-star elegance with a simple drizzle.  Don’t heat it or try to use it for a sauté. Truffle oil’s unique flavor is designed for finishing an already great dish. It’s available at all major grocery

Savory Choice Stocks
Broths and Stocks are one of the secrets to flavor many chefs dishes. We start them early and make them often. The Savory Choice brands of concentrated cooking broths are both gluten free and full of flavor. The chicken broth is a must to pump up the simplest of rice dishes and sauces. Vegetarians don’t have to sacrifice any flavor because the Vegetable Broth give everything from sautéed veggies to quinoa a huge burst of flavor! The Beef Demi Glace is so good that I no longer make my own! Several of my recipes feature the Savory Choice Brand, with tons more on their home site. (Sold online at; also at Z & H Market in Chicago)

Cajun Power Garlic Sauce

This is the “mother sauce” of all mother sauces! I was first introduced to it while still in culinary school in New Orleans. It was the base for a lot of the sauces. It’s not super spicy, yet well seasoned. The tang comes from a bit of lemon (I think)…but don’t quote me. Its definitely a must for building gumbo & etouffee bases.  Use it to marinate, baste, or dip. I even add it to all of my 12 barbecue sauces. And my alter ego, Chef Tiki, doesn’t make a dish without it. If you don’t see it in your grocery store, go online or

Nature Isle Caribbean Sauces
The easiest way to get to the Caribbean without a plane ticket!  All natural, Kosher, Gluten-free and ABSOLUTELY delicious! The Mango Pepper Sauce is ridiculous!! I actually work very close with this company and have many recipes on their site and mine. Yes they have a great Jerk Seasoning but the salad dressing is crazy. Barbecue sauces, Chutneys, Tropical Mustards, they all embody my philosophy of “Sweet Heat”. These products are a must for cooking this spring and summer. You will become a grilling pro! The entire line of sauces and marinades are available now at specialty grocery stores and on my site starting Summer 2010.