The Drawing Room

I would love to be able to call this spot a “hidden gem”, but the nightclub is so popular, that the dining room can’t hide. Tableside cocktails have the same precision & care as the chefs making the food. It’s one of the few places I regularly suggest to out of town friends and clients. The lighting not makes the food beautiful but everyone dining too. Nick and his team mix fresh new ideas with classics to create a menu that is always evolving. There is a great culinary experience waiting on you at The Drawing Room. Order a French 75 & let the GM Erik and the crew show you what late night dining is all about.

David Burke’s Primehouse

It’s not often when a “steakhouse” gets tons of attention for items other than their steak. They do the dry-aging onsite.  Don’t even get me started on the “40 day aged ribeye”.  However, what SERIOUSLY has me “geeked” are the cheesecake lollipops & crabcake! I know…I know…I’m allergic to shellfish but this crabcake is the real deal. Everything down to the burger is serious with flavor.  They really know their prime meats. Still, you don’t have to worry there is something for everybody here.  Update it to your Chicago “must taste” list.

Charlie Trotters

It would easy to go on and on about a classic place. I’ll spare you the elaborate details of everything that goes on here.  I will say this; you don’t know how special you can be treated as a diner, until you eat here. You will also see just how far your palate can take you, when you dine with Mr. Trotter. There are concessions made on every level to make sure you enjoy your experience.  There is a commitment to excellence that I respect on every level. It’s no wonder why Charlie’s books are used as a reference for guiding my team. He is the best I have ever experienced.

Tizi Melloul

What I love about Mediterranean food is the diversity of flavors. Lemons, cinnamon vanilla and coriander…the flavors are everywhere. There is never a dull bite to be had. Tizzi takes things further with their unique décor and serious plating. The mussels are a must, as is the hangar steak. They also have a cucumber & cava vinaigrette that you could just drink from a bowl. In addition to an insanely good meal, they have “entertainment”. The specials that they do for the in house Crescent Room are some of the best dining deals in the city.

Joe’s Seafood & Prime Steak

1st of all, this is not the spot with the funny haired characters, talking about those tiny snow crab legs.  This is the spot out of Miami that does “Stone Crab Claws”! All of the seafood is top shelf. I had the lemon sole cooked in a brown butter sauce. The potato dishes are made for two people (you have been warned) One of the things that surprised me was the wine list. It had a nice blend of high end and a few by the glass choices. It’s another special occasion spot for dinner, however, the bar scene is great for after-work. It’s also a nice place to people watch…if you’re into that sorta thing.