Red Monkey Foods

My desire to find a permanent line of seasonings has taken some time. Red Monkey Foods has ended my search.  All of my signature blends are made up from this line of seasonings. I have also incorporated some of the blends as staple in my cooking. The blends range from the simple “Tres Chili Cilantro” that gives your guacamole the extra kick that you want. Or it can be the unique “Mango Habenera” that takes sweet heat to a whole new level! I have even tapped them to start mixing the Chef Julius’ Salt Blend! Be sure to visit the site, where you can find my “Entertainment Kit” as well as other recipes, specifically designed around the Red Monkey catalog.

Etina Merquén Spice (Smoked Chili)

Here is a new discovery for me. Over the summer I have had a great opportunity to become more familiar with the cuisine and flavors of Chile. They DO NOT disappoint! Just as the olive oil from their home country is top shelf…so is this spice blend! It’s like blending the best paprika, ancho chiles, black pepper, coriander and cumin…place them all in a huge smoker and let the magic happen! I cannot say enough what this spice has done for my “3Day Turkey Chili”. This too can be ordered at and

“Slap Ya Mama” Cajun Seasoning Blends

DO NOT let the name get you in trouble! However, if you want INSTANT BAMM, this is your seasoning. The guys at “Slap Ya Mama” has a family steeped in Cajun folklore and this seasoning proves it. They offer a Regular Blend, White Pepper Blend & Hot seasoning. All of the blends focus on more than just heat, they have true flavor profiles. In addition, they have hot sauces that are No JOKE, fish seasoning & a “Crab & Seafood Boil”. You can use it on eggs, salads, popcorn, fish, chicken & steak. Go ahead,bring a bit of da Bayou to everything ya do!!! For recipes and purchase visit, (Sold in major grocery retailers)